Sunday, 2 December 2012


So, over a year after this blog was started, or even updated, Apple have finally caved and installed a Queue Feature, or 'Up Next' section in iTunes, which sees the ability to not only queue the next song, but create a upcoming song list on-the-fly which is far more disposable than a conventional playlist and allows spontaneous editing at will. Good job Apple. About bloody time.

My work here is done.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Requests To Apple For A Queue Feature: 4th August 2011

4th August 2011
Queue Feature:

iTunes could be made enhanced with the addition of a 'queue feature' allowing users to queue a song to be played following the completion of the currently playing song. Users could ideally queue a song by simply right-clicking and selecting 'Queue *song name*' underneath the command to 'Play *song name*'. There could also be a shortcut or key combination to queue a song.  

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Requests To Apple For A Queue Feature: 18rd July - 25th July

18th July 2011
Queue Feature; Playing Unchecked Songs:

I would like a queue feature please. I am a huge fan of Apple iTunes, however, I feel that iTunes could be made even better with the addition of a queue feature. I have been using iTunes for many years now, and whilst I make full use of playlists and smart playlists, I would like the ability to queue songs on demand.

My second request or suggestion for improvement of the iTunes player, is the addition of an option in the iTunes Preference menu, which would allow unchecked songs to be played whilst shuffling or playing an album/playlist/compilation. This would eliminate the inconvenience of being unable to listen to unchecked songs without explicitly selecting to play them - which may, as is the case with my library, only be unchecked to allow convenient syncing to my iPod without the need to construct playlists.

18th July 2011
Queue Feature:

I believe the iTunes player is sorely lacking a 'queue' feature. Other rival players - such as Spotify and Windows Media Player – already offer a queue feature, in addition to the ability to make playlists. A simple 'Queue song name' command in the right-click context menu of iTunes would allow users to quickly and simply queue a song whilst not affecting the currently playing song. Please give me a queue feature.

20th July 2011
Queue Feature:

Whilst an avid fan of Apple iTunes, I believe it is in critical need of a queue feature. Although iTunes offers ample options for playlist and smart playlist creation, a queue feature would, in my opinion, offer a simple and succinct way to queue a song to be played upon completion of the currently playing song.

23rd July 2011
Queue Feature:

The option to 'queue' songs through the right-click context menu in iTunes would be a highly desirable addition to the iTunes player. Whilst playlists already offer an adequate method of essentially 'queuing' songs to be played, an explicit 'queue' function would offer a simple and prompt method to choose the next song to be played without the need to create a playlist which may only later be deleted and, as such, serves only a disposable purpose.

25th July 2011
Queue Feature:

I believe iTunes would benefit from a queue feature.

Queue The Queue Feature

Since the dawn of time man has revelled in his ability to control his environment. The thrill of ascendency over prey in the heat of the hunt naturally turned to a desire to control other aspects of mankind's environment, most significantly, his listening habits. Before long, records graced the hands of humans and soon music had become nought but a sequence of ones and zeros on the whirring platters of the digital age, accessible only through the glaring interface of indelible screens.  Most superior of all of these interfaces, was iTunes. iTunes rose above the music player masses, which were left quaking in its wake. And yet, despite its supremacy, iTunes suffered a great deficit: it lacked a queue feature. Earth's population  yearned dearly for a manner of designating the upcoming song, but iTunes would not change.
One day, an unknown man decided change was due. So he started a blog. This is that blog. I am that man, and I'm just trying to change the world. One queue feature at a time.