Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Queue The Queue Feature

Since the dawn of time man has revelled in his ability to control his environment. The thrill of ascendency over prey in the heat of the hunt naturally turned to a desire to control other aspects of mankind's environment, most significantly, his listening habits. Before long, records graced the hands of humans and soon music had become nought but a sequence of ones and zeros on the whirring platters of the digital age, accessible only through the glaring interface of indelible screens.  Most superior of all of these interfaces, was iTunes. iTunes rose above the music player masses, which were left quaking in its wake. And yet, despite its supremacy, iTunes suffered a great deficit: it lacked a queue feature. Earth's population  yearned dearly for a manner of designating the upcoming song, but iTunes would not change.
One day, an unknown man decided change was due. So he started a blog. This is that blog. I am that man, and I'm just trying to change the world. One queue feature at a time.

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